In the ongoing effort to rewrite history and deflect blame from Wall Street for the financial crisis, former U.S. Treasury official and current American Enterprise Institute swine Peter Wallison has.

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Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have been pressing for an investigation of Countrywide Mortgage’s “VIP Program,” under which powerful Democrats like Kent Conrad and.

Washington Supreme Court: MERS cannot obtain foreclosure power without note CT – MERS does not have the power to assign a mortgage in Maine. Supreme Court: MERS CANNOT BE BENEFICIARY IN WASHINGTON STATE!.. He was aiming to achieve a market share-thirty to forty per cent-that was far greater than anyone. MERS is not named as a beneficiary of the alleged promissory note.Freddie Mac completes first small pool sale of deeply delinquent mortgages Housing begins to directly contribute to economy Advertising In response Telford & Wrekin Council managing director, Richard Partington, said: "Your letter does not provide the council with any further evidence to support a case for Telford & Wrekin.Freddie Mac completed its first bulk sale of deeply delinquent single-family residential mortgage loans from its mortgage investment portfolio in two months when it sold via auction 5,311 deeply.

Bank of America Settles Predatory Lending Claims. over Towns’s failure to launch an investigation into Countrywide Mortgage’s reported sweetheart deals to VIPs.Countrywide, now owned by Bank of America, was reported to have given VIP loans and treatment to lawmakers and officials at the.

A long-brewing scandal surrounding special treatment given to elected officials and congressional staff by subprime mortgage lender Countrywide. released its report investigating Countrywide’s VIP.

were a significant part of many mortgage officers’ compensation. Even real estate apprai s-ers began to inflate the value of homes to ensure that loans would go through. One of the chief accusations against Countrywide during the financial crisis was that it had engaged in this practice. But then something happened that no one had considered.

 · "We believe that Bank of America gamed the system, perpetrating a fraud on both its customers and American taxpayers,"said Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman and one of the attorneys who filed the lawsuit. "BofA promised that it would work with homeowners to modify their mortgages under the HAMP program.

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The Senate Ethics Committee is re-examining the participation of senators and staffers in a controversial VIP mortgage-lending program at Countrywide Financial Corp, according to a source familiar.

Like millions of Americans, Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell has had trouble covering her mortgage and other bills over. two discounted loans in 2003 through Countrywide’s VIP.

Countrywide Closes, Lays Off Employees Congress Issues Subpoena For Info On Countrywide’s VIP Mortgage Program 2.17.11 5:10 PM EDT By chris morran @themorrancave mortgages countrywide congress foreclosure fracas vip service darrell issa

proceed with the Committee’s investigation of Members of Congress who received mortgage loans from Countrywide Financial Corporation under its VIP loan program, also known as the "Friends of Angelo" program after the company’s CEO, Angelo Mozilo.1 Since your response, sent earlier today, did not address any of my questions about how